Rayz Token

There Is No Other World.

Rayz Token aims to contribute to people’s fight against climate change by making use of blockchain technology.
What Is Rayz Token?
Global warming and climate change are one of the biggest problems that humanity has been struggling with for decades and will continue to threaten our lives for centuries if no action is taken. Rayz Token was established in the second quarter of 2022 to take an active role in this struggle and awaken people to a greener world. Rayz Token aims to contribute to people’s fight against climate change more by utilizing blockchain technology.
About Rayz World (Rayz)

Total Supply

No more can be produced.

Locked (365 Days)

Locked in team wallet and liquid.


Decimals: 9 Ağ: BEP20

Coming Soon

Our Mission
Rayz Token is committed to protecting green areas and creating more green spaces in line with its founding purpose. It is our first priority to make the greatest contribution to the challenging struggle of our world with global warming. We strive to inform people about global warming and climate change, collaborate and raise awareness about how we can protect our planet. During this struggle, we are in contact with institutions, associations and foundations within the scope of social responsibility and offer collaborations so that everyone can contribute to this struggle. As Rayz Token team, our dream is to build a “National Park”, whose green areas are formed by the saplings donated by our users, where people can do sports, ride bicycles, and include social facilities that will contribute to the ecosystem of our nature.
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