Economic System

Rayz Token has developed an NFT market to encourage people to cooperate for a greener world, to minimize the effects of global warming and to secure our future.
We aim to reforest nature with every shopping to be made in the NFT market, and while doing this, we aim to bring it to the users. Users participate in the season that will be named after a seedling type every month in NFT Market. Users will gain a sapling to nature as a result of every NFT exchange they make. Sapling types will be sold in the market in the form of NFT. As users shop in NFT Market, they take their place in the Rank system. It is enough to be included in the NFT Market to earn. However, your ranking in the RANK system determines your ROI duration. Contributing more to nature will move you higher in the RANK system, and higher ranks always earn more. Users who contribute the most to nature in a season receive the title of “SAVIDER”. The title of “SAVIDER” is not enough to get an award. Users must have Rayz Tokens in their wallets in order to participate in the Rank system. Users who want to participate in the Rank system cannot sell their Rayz Tokens in their wallets for 15 days, but this does not make their tokens locked. Users who wish can exit the Rank system, but they will withdraw from receiving rewards and will not be rewarded. They have to wait for the next season to enter the Rank system again.

We Contribute to Global Warming.

There will be limited supply of NFT set each season. As its supply decreases, the value of NFT will increase accordingly. We want to ensure that more people are included in this system by improving our infrastructure with future updates to the economic model. With this economic model we produce, we enable users to make a profit and also contribute to our fight against global warming.